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Chef Wan tak kenal Tunku Jalil yang duduk di sebelahnya

Selebriti chef terkenal Malaysia, Chef Wan berkongsikan kisah kelakarnya semasa bertemu dengan Tunku Jalil. Tak sangka Tunku Jalil sangat merendah diri dan cuba mendekati dan berborak dengan Chef Wan.

Kisah Kelakar Chef Wan Tak Kenal Tunku Jalil

Berikut merupakan kisah yang dikongsikan Chef Wan semasa bertemu Almarhum Tunku Jalil dalam penerbangan.

Alfatihah to a beautiful person that i got to know off once sitting infront of me to approached me for the 1st time and salam my hand and Said " Hi can i shake your hand as i am your big fan.Me and my sister used to main masak2 infront of the TV while CW is talking.U always make me laugh.

He asked me if i would move to the front seat with him so that we can chat comfortably on our flight from JB to KL.

Saya tanya dia " U kerja dimana? Oh saya tengah training dgn Polis di Raja.Saya kata oh mcm ni kena la makan lebih lagi to beef yourself up. I didnt not have the slightest idea that he was actually not well.

He laughed and then said " tapi some day saya nak rasa CW masak boleh? I said " Insyallah jika saya ada restaurant or buat cooking demo boleh la dtg rasa."
Sudi ke CW terima hadiah dari saya, he said lagi.

I said hadiah apa tu?

He took out a book from his bag on the history of the Johor Sultanate.
I said to him " Oh are u a writer too? He said no..but this book was commisioned by my dad!
He signed the book and only at that time i knew that he is Tunku Jalil anakanda to his Highness Tuanku Sultan of Johor!

We chat and talked through out the duration of the flight.
He was so polite and such a respectful man.
Has alot of passion and love for animals too.

Just a while ago to hear this new of him passing away was indeed very sad moment for this country.

He was indeed a very brave man.
I cannot imagine the pain of the Johor Royal family to loose such a beautiful member of their family and sedeh nya ter amat sangat.

Saya sendiri yg mengenali beliau buat seketika itu pun terasa how down to earth and kind Tunku Jalil is.

What a year to end loosing so many talented and beautiful people in this country.
May Allah blessed his soul and place him in Jannah.

Chef Wan tak kenal Tunku Jalil yang duduk di sebelahnya

Chef Wan tak kenal Tunku Jalil yang duduk di sebelahnya

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