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Lelaki Bergelar Suami Ini Dengan Ikhlas Mengaku Dirinya Mandul

In the train today, I sat beside this guy. He was browsing through his big screen phone looking at rings, many types of rings on a website.

On every beautiful ring that he likes, he would click on it. Then there is the occasional “alaaaa”. I smile at myself. This guy browsing ring online. I think he knows the size as he keep on typing size 6 at one point.

As my stop is rather far, I look again. A nice ring, by Michael Kors. My favourite costume ring. I begin the conversation.

“Cantiknya yang tu!”

I pointed at one.

At first his eyes were glued to his phone. I guess he is not the type who chats. I thought to myself, at least I have tried. I kept quiet.

Kisah Sayu Pengakuan Seorang Suami yang Mandul

“Memanglah cantik, tapi mahal.”

He showed me the price. RM300.

I smile, “Barang cantik memang mahal. Beli branded lagi mahal. Who is the lucky lady?”

He in the end shared his story. He wanted to buy something nice for his wife. No reason. He saw his wife once went into Michael Kors once but since they couldn’t afford it, they didn’t get anything.

He remembers the brand and Google it. From the website he found out the ring is the cheapest items, but still its not within his budget. His wife is not a branded person, but at least once, he wanted to buy a branded item.

I told him, it’s his choice really. He says his officemates thinks its waste of money. Money he doesn’t really have. But just once let him buy this.

“Sayangnya kat bini….”

He smile. His wife is everything to him. They don’t have any child. Its his fault. (“salah saya,” he said) but I didn’t push it. Yet, he says, his wife has always been by his side and she never bring it up. 

“Dah mandul, malu jugaklah saya,”

I answered “Bukan rezeki,”. He smile. 

Senang cakap. Dalam hati? Sendiri saja yang faham.

So I asked him again about the ring. He said there is a design she likes. He showed it to me. It’s nice. I showed him Monet website. Half the price. He smile. To him, he just wants to make his wife smile, happy. After all they webt through together for 5 years.

His arrives at his station. I said good luck to him. He said “Thank you for ‘berbual'”, he felt relieved talking just now. Rasa lapang.

I am a big fan of family institution. I know this is just husband and wife. But the amount of love among them is amazing. I wish I had more time to talked him out of this branded world. But I know what he meant.

Untunglah ada bini. LOL! I am just happy to text someone Good Morning if I could. LOL. Its a great day to end such a stressful day. – Syed Azmi

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