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Gesel Kemaluan Pada Wanita, Lelaki Tanggung Malu

Seorang wanita berkongsikan detik mencemaskan yang dialami olehnya ketika menaiki LRT di mana seorang lelaki yang boleh digelar lelaki gila seks dengan sewenang-wenangnya menggeselkan kemaluannya pada wanita yang tidak dikenali. Ikuti kisahnya.

"Dia Menggeselkan Anunya Pada Saya"

Deep breath
I feel that I need to speak up about my horrible experience today morning
Ladies...please please be extra cautious and try your best to stand AWAAAYYY from this guy. Today he's in grey shirt with glasses on. Try to memorize his face please. This is the best picture that I could get as the Putra LRT was so packed and this setan was trying to hide his setan-face away from me. Coward.
Here goes..
He tried to sexually assaulted me on Putra LRT today by rubbing his *^%&^ up against me....on the freakin LRT! Astagfirullah...
Not sure where he came from but the incident happened at Universiti station and his stop was Bangsar station.
Deep breath again....

Gesel Kemaluan Pada Wanita, Lelaki Tanggung Malu

Ok on the bright side pulak
I know you know that he is nothing more than a coward
And I know a burst of mace to his face would have been good, but sadly I don’t carry one at the time. So hang memang nasib baik setan
But I'm so so proud of myself.
Because I have shouted and screamed right to his face.
I even yelled out loud to all the ladies in the LRT to be careful and avoid standing close to him. 
Tho no one came forward to help but I kept on shouting to alert everyone.. 
But....sigh...not a single soul to help, really?
Some people might think that I was meroyan judging by the whole fiasco, but hear this, I'M NOT ASHAMED. THE SETAN PERVERTS WHO SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED!

Gesel Kemaluan Pada Wanita, Lelaki Tanggung Malu

I, on the other hand are so full of pride that I did not just stood there….and do nothing
I fought for my dignity and self-worth.
I defended myself when no one else could.
So please, remember this:
Sexual assault is a violation - both physically and emotionally. It hurts on all levels. Take action and protect yourself, please.
Sexual. Harassment. Is. No. Laughing. Matter.
Be. Extra. Cautious
There, i said it...puas hati sikit
Jom sambung keja.
Till we meet again, setan

Sumber: Syima Mohamad

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